Timings of Darshan at Imlitala Vrindavan:

Morning: 05:30 am- 12:00 pm

Evening: 04:00 pm – 08:00 pm


Imlitala Temple is one of the most famous temples of Vrindavan and is situated on the banks of the pious river Yamuna. Though there are many stories associated with imlitala Temple the one most famous story is about Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. It is said that he used to sit under this tamarind tree and chanted Lord Krishna’s name.

According to the legends, it is also said that once when Radha ji disappeared in the midst of raas, Lord Krishna sat under this sacred tamarind tree and completely absorbed himself in the sad feeling of separation. In the rage of separation, while chanting sri Radhas pious name sri Krishnas body camouflaged in to Sri Radha Rani’s divine color. This divinity of Imlitala mandir in Vrindavan makes it one of the must visit temple of Vrindavan. It is also believed that Radha-Gopinath ji and Nitai-Gaur along with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu till date reside in the Imlitala Mandir.

The environment of Imlitala Mandir is so sacred that one can feel the peace of being in the braj region. Imlitala Temple is popular for its tamarind tree which is still preserved by the Gaudiya math as it is believed to represent the pious love of Radha rani and Krishna.

Apart from being a divine destination that epitomizes the unison of Sri Radha Rani and Krishna Imlitala Temple in Vrindavan is a good destination for meditation and is open for pilgrims who want to attain salvation through chanting spiritual verses.

इमली तला का अर्थ है इमली का वृक्ष। दिव्य महारास लीला के दौरान, जब श्री राधा रानी जी रास से अलक्षित हो गई (दूर चली गई), तो श्री कृष्ण इस इमली के वृक्ष के नीचे आकर बैठ गए और श्री राधा रानी का रूप ध्यान किया एवं राधा नाम का जप ( उच्चारण) करने लगे और श्री राधा रानी को यहाँ प्राप्त किया। इसलिए यह जगह इमली तला के रूप में प्रसिद्ध है। श्री राधा रानी का अभिषेक भी यहीं हुआ। श्री चैतन्य महाप्रभु जी ने भगवान श्री कृष्ण के शरीर का रंग भी ग्रहण किया। श्री चैतन्य महाप्रभु जी ने इस वृक्ष के नीचे बैठकर भगवान श्री कृष्ण का श्री राधा रानी से अलग होने का उन्मादपूर्ण (अति आनंदित) भावना में जप किया। यहाँ भगवान श्री चैतन्य महाप्रभु जी अक्रूर घाट से यमुना तट पर इमली तला के नीचे बैठने के लिए रोज़ाना आया करते थे।

About Shri Tatiya Sthan

The exact location and specific details regarding the temple or shrine at Shri Tatiya Sthan may vary. It is recommended to consult local resources or devotees in Vrindavan for the most accurate and up-to-date information about visiting the place and any associated rituals or festivities.

Vrindavan, as a whole, is a renowned pilgrimage destination and is home to numerous temples and sacred sites associated with the life and pastimes of Lord Krishna. Visitors to Vrindavan often explore various temples, participate in devotional practices, and immerse themselves in the divine atmosphere of the place.

श्री टटिया स्थान पर मंदिर या मंदिर के संबंध में सटीक स्थान और विशिष्ट विवरण भिन्न हो सकते हैं। स्थान और किसी भी संबंधित अनुष्ठान या उत्सव के बारे में सबसे सटीक और नवीनतम जानकारी के लिए वृन्दावन में स्थानीय संसाधनों या भक्तों से परामर्श करने की सिफारिश की जाती है।

कुल मिलाकर, वृन्दावन एक प्रसिद्ध तीर्थस्थल है और यह भगवान कृष्ण के जीवन और लीलाओं से जुड़े कई मंदिरों और पवित्र स्थलों का घर है। वृन्दावन आने वाले पर्यटक अक्सर विभिन्न मंदिरों का भ्रमण करते हैं, भक्ति प्रथाओं में भाग लेते हैं और उस स्थान के दिव्य वातावरण में डूब जाते हैं।

Nidhivan Temple Timings Vrindavan
प्रातः काल : 05:00 प्रातः से 08:00 रात्रि

प्रातः काल : 06:00 प्रातः से 07:00 रात्रि

Guide Information

Name :Yugal Bihari Sharma

Mobile No : 9756161646

Location : (Vrindavan)


What They’re Saying

Kamal BhardwajTourist
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Visiting Vrindavan was a life-changing experience for me. The town is a treasure trove of ancient temples and sacred sites associated with Lord Krishna. I was in awe as I explored the famous Banke Bihari Temple, where devotees gather to catch a glimpse of the deity. The Radha Raman Temple was equally captivating, with its exquisite architecture and soothing chants.
jyoti SharmaTourist
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My visit to Vrindavan was an enchanting and spiritual experience. The town is steeped in Hindu mythology and is considered one of the holiest places in India. As I walked through the narrow lanes, I could feel a sense of serenity and devotion in the air. The temples were magnificent, adorned with intricate carvings and vibrant colors. Witnessing the evening aarti (prayer ceremony) on the banks of the Yamuna River was truly mesmerizing.
Sachin YadavTourist
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Vrindavan is a hidden gem that transports you to a different world altogether. From the moment I entered the town, I was surrounded by the divine aura and the rhythmic chants of 'Hare Krishna.' The temples were stunning, each with its own unique charm. The ISKCON temple, in particular, left me awe-struck with its grandeur and the melodious kirtans (devotional songs) that filled the air