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Braj Dham, also known as Braj Bhoomi or Braj Mandal, refers to the sacred land associated with the childhood and youth of Lord Krishna. It is a region located in the western part of Uttar Pradesh, India, encompassing towns and villages including Mathura, Vrindavan, Govardhan, Nandgaon, Barsana, and more.

Braj Dham holds immense religious significance for followers of Lord Krishna and is considered a major pilgrimage site. It is believed to be the place where Lord Krishna performed his divine leelas (pastimes) and where he interacted with the gopis (cowherd girls) and cowherd community.

This is one of the most adorable place in universe where the one of the most holiest Love story i.e godess Radha and lord krisha.they was teaches the what’s the meaning of real love

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  • Shri Maan Sarovar Darshan

  • Shri Bhandirvan Darshan

  • Shri Vanshi Vat

  • Shri Belvan Mandir

  • Shri Dau Ji Mandir Darshan

Maan Sarovar

Once Radharani was into a sulky mood (maan) during Raas Leela that was very difficult to subdue that She left the place of raas on Her own, crossed the Yamuna, and came to this solitary forest. Distressed in separation from Krishna, She began to cry, and the stream of tears that flowed from Her eyes created this lake, or sarovara. Shri Krishna, the topmost relisher of transcendental mellows, searched for Shriji and found Her here. Placing His flute and His head at Her lotus feet, Shri Krishna admitted His fault and assured Her that He would never act like that again. This charming place in Braj is embellished by the dense shade of the Pilu, kadamba and tamaala trees and by the peacocks, cuckoos, swans, deer and other birds and animals. It remains visible to our eyes to this present day so as to remind us of the pastimes of the Divine Couple, Shri Radha-Krishna.

Bhandirvan ( the marriage place of divine couple Radheshyam)

The pious land which united Radha-Krishna! Bhandirvan one of the 137 sacred forests in Mathura lies 10 km away from Vrindavan. and it is also believed that it was Lord Brahma who got them married at this very place.Once Nand Baba with baby Krishna had come to see the cows from Gokul, due to bad weather, Shri Krishna started bothering him, so he came here and sat down under a tree, and when he got darshan of Shri Radha, he thought that a Braj Gopi has come, he gave baby Krishna to Her and said "leave him to home". As soon as Shri Radha took Shri Krishna and entered into Kunj, suddenly Shri Krishna became young from childhood, according to Brahma Vaivarta Purana, and He also started looking like the same age as like Shri Radha, 14-15 years old. A beautiful canopy studded with various gemstones appeared there. Lord Brahma came there with a desire to have a darshan of Shri Radha Krishna and got them marry.The marriage of Shri Radha Krishna was done very secretly at midnight.

Vanshi vatt

This is the celebrated place where Lord Krishna in his form of Gopinath or Lord of Gopis performed the celebrated pastime of Maharaas Dance on auspicious day of Sharad Purnima (full moon night). Banshi means flute and Vat means Banyan Tree. Thus the Banyan tree under which Shri Krishna plays his flute is known as Banshi Vat. On hearing the divine flute, the gopis become emotionally helpless and ran towards Banshi Vat. Here Shri Krishn plays flute eternally. Shri Krishn has taken as many forms as there were gopis. It is 5500 years old leela place, Banshi Vat. Lord Shiva came to this place in the form of a gopi during Maharaas and hence Shri Krishn gave him the name “Gopishwar Mahadev”. It is also mentioned that "There is no place like Vrindavan, there is no village like Nand Gaun, there is no Banyan Tree-like Vanshi Vat , and there is no name like Radha Krishn".

Belvan Mandir

Belvan is the site where Lakshmi Devi came to perform austerities to get the association of Krishna in Ras Leela, but failed due to not following in the footsteps of the Gopis.So she (Laxmi) is meditating here very tough even today, despite she couldn't get access in Raas leela till date as per the belief in Vrindavan.It is described in the 10th canto of Shreemad Bhagavatam. The wives of serpent kaliya naag praying lord Krishn tell that -'oh God! we can't understand which type of spiritual practice the serpent done that enabled him to achieve your exceptionally divine foot dust.Your divine foot dust is so rare to achieve that your better half lord Laxmi had to do tough meditation, quitting all sort of material pleasures and following the real practices as well, still, she couldn't achieve your exceptional divine foot dust.

Shri Dau Ji Ki Bagichi

Shri Dau Ji Ki Bagichi is founded by Shri Radhacharandas Ji Maharaj's disciple Shri Haridas Ji Maharaj of Nimbark Sect. Inside is a temple of Shri Dau Ji Maharaj (Lord Balram Ji). Location: Shri Dau Ji Ki Bagichi is located in Purani Kali Dah on parikrama marg, Vrindavan.

Shri Dau Ji Ki Bagichi

Shri Dau Ji Ki Bagichi is founded by Shri Radhacharandas Ji Maharaj's disciple Shri Haridas Ji Maharaj of Nimbark Sect. Inside is a temple of Shri Dau Ji Maharaj (Lord Balram Ji). Location: Shri Dau Ji Ki Bagichi is located in Purani Kali Dah on parikrama marg, Vrindavan.

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What They’re Saying

Kamal BhardwajTourist
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Visiting Vrindavan was a life-changing experience for me. The town is a treasure trove of ancient temples and sacred sites associated with Lord Krishna. I was in awe as I explored the famous Banke Bihari Temple, where devotees gather to catch a glimpse of the deity. The Radha Raman Temple was equally captivating, with its exquisite architecture and soothing chants.
jyoti SharmaTourist
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My visit to Vrindavan was an enchanting and spiritual experience. The town is steeped in Hindu mythology and is considered one of the holiest places in India. As I walked through the narrow lanes, I could feel a sense of serenity and devotion in the air. The temples were magnificent, adorned with intricate carvings and vibrant colors. Witnessing the evening aarti (prayer ceremony) on the banks of the Yamuna River was truly mesmerizing.
Sachin YadavTourist
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Vrindavan is a hidden gem that transports you to a different world altogether. From the moment I entered the town, I was surrounded by the divine aura and the rhythmic chants of 'Hare Krishna.' The temples were stunning, each with its own unique charm. The ISKCON temple, in particular, left me awe-struck with its grandeur and the melodious kirtans (devotional songs) that filled the air