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Gokul And Mahavan Temples

Gokul and Mahavan are also sacred to the Hindus as it is believed that Lord Krishna spent some years of his childhood and early adulthood here. There are so many mythological stories about the deeds of Lord Krishna attached to these places that devotees get absorbed in His greatness.

Some time after this aerial prophecy, Kesi and other demons began to cause a disturbance in Nandagaon. Parjanya Gopa together with his family and all of his relatives moved here to Gokul. The Yamuna flows close by Gokul or Brihadvan, or Mahavan. 

This forest is beautifully decorated with different kinds of trees, creepers, and flowers, and there are lush, green meadows for the cows to graze in. Beholding this beauty, the Vrajvasi gopas became very pleased and happily began to reside here.

Mother Yashoda gave birth to the twins Krishn and Yogamaya at midnight, in the delivery room at Nand-Palace in Gokul. The umbilical cord was cut and other Vedic purificatory rituals were performed here.

Krishn killed the demons Putana, Trinavart, and Shakatasur here, thus liberating them. Krishn and Baladeva’s name-giving ceremony also took place at Gokul, in the nearby cowshed (goshala) of Nand Maharaj. It was here that Balram and Krishn started to crawl on Their knees, and Mother Yashoda tied the naughty baby Krishn to a mortar, and Krishn delivered the Yamal-Arjun trees. The childhood pastimes of Krishn and Balram up to the age of two-and-a-half to three years took place here in Gokul.

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  • Nand Bhawan Gokul

  • Brahmand Ghat

  • Raman Reti Gokul

  • Chaurasi Khambha

  • Chinta Haran Mahadev

Nand Bhawan Gokul

The Supreme Lord Shree Krishna and Yogmaya took birth as twins from the womb of mother Yashoda in her room in Nanda’s place. They were born at midnight on Astami (the eight day after the full moon) in the month of Bhadra when the star (nakshatra) known as Rohini was visible in the sky.One can take darshan of Yogmaya here. Srimad-bhagvatam vividly describes how the most fortunate Nanda Baba became very joyful upon receiving a son. After the ceremony known as nadicheda-samskara had been performed, in which the umbilical cord is cut, baby Krishna was bathed and so on. Nanda Baba then called the Brahmans to perform the various purificatory rituals and other rites of childbirth.

Brahmand Ghat

the birthplace of Krishna. Here, the small boy Krishna ate clay while playing with the cowherd boys. The boy saw this and told Mother Yashoda, who asked Balram about it. Balram verified the fact. She went to Krishna and asked Him herself, “have you eaten clay?” He replied, “No, Maiya, Idid not eat clay.” “All right, Kanhaiya, open Your mouth and show me.” “You can see, Maiya, “He said as He opened His mouth. Looking into Kanhaiya’s mouth, Maiya became dumbstruck.There, she saw innumerable universes, countless Brahmas, Vishnu & Maheshas(shiva), and all moving and non- moving entities. She closed her eyes in fear and thought, “What is this that I am seeing? It is an illusion or someone magical powers?” Upon opening her eyes, Mother Yashoda saw that Kanhaiya was sitting on her lap.

Raman Reti Gokul

Raman Reti is the sand in which Lord Krishna played as a child. In more recent times, about 200 years ago, the famous Saint, Swami Gyandasji did a severe penance at Raman reti for 12 years. Pleased with his devotion, The Lord appeared before him and today you can find a Ramanbihariji Temple at that place. Today devotees roll over the sand here and seek the blessings of Lord Krishna.

Chaurasi khambha

Nand Bhavan, also known as Chaurasi Khamba Temple, is a famous pilgrimage place in Gokul. This temple rests on 84 pillars. The walls of the temple are painted with Lord Krishn's various childhood pastimes. The pillars of the rock have exquisite carvings which express their beauty. There is a huge banyan tree in the courtyard of the temple. Devotees visiting the temple tie colored ribbons on its branches, in the belief that it will fulfill their wishes. There is a temple of Goddess Kali under the banyan tree. Here in the temple is the beautiful darshan of Goddess Yogmaya.

Chinta Haran Mahadev

This ghat lies on the bank of Shree Yamuna near BrahmandGhat to its east. Chintaharan Mahadev, who is worshipped by the Brijwasis, is present here. When Mother Yashoda saw the universes in Kanhaiya’s mouth, she became extremely anxious for His welfare and prayed to ChintaharanMahadev for Krishna’s safety. Chintaharan means “removing anxieties”.

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Kamal BhardwajTourist
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Visiting Vrindavan was a life-changing experience for me. The town is a treasure trove of ancient temples and sacred sites associated with Lord Krishna. I was in awe as I explored the famous Banke Bihari Temple, where devotees gather to catch a glimpse of the deity. The Radha Raman Temple was equally captivating, with its exquisite architecture and soothing chants.
jyoti SharmaTourist
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My visit to Vrindavan was an enchanting and spiritual experience. The town is steeped in Hindu mythology and is considered one of the holiest places in India. As I walked through the narrow lanes, I could feel a sense of serenity and devotion in the air. The temples were magnificent, adorned with intricate carvings and vibrant colors. Witnessing the evening aarti (prayer ceremony) on the banks of the Yamuna River was truly mesmerizing.
Sachin YadavTourist
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Vrindavan is a hidden gem that transports you to a different world altogether. From the moment I entered the town, I was surrounded by the divine aura and the rhythmic chants of 'Hare Krishna.' The temples were stunning, each with its own unique charm. The ISKCON temple, in particular, left me awe-struck with its grandeur and the melodious kirtans (devotional songs) that filled the air